9weeks old

9weeks old

2-Month-First week (9weeks)

How your baby’s growing

In a word – fast. From now on she may gain almost 1kg a month. You’ll probably notice that she stays awake longer too – some babies this age are awake for up to 10 hours a day. Your baby’s also getting stronger. She still can’t hold her headsteady, but you might notice her keeping it up for a few seconds at a time. Other changes include the ability to focus on objects 17-20 cm/7-8 in away, and track them as you move them from side to side. She might also glance at her own hand when you do this. Being able to “regard” her hand, as development experts call this activity, is the first stage in reaching out and grabbing things. Find out more fascinating facts about your two-month-old’s development

How your life’s changing

You may feel more confident of your ability to care for your baby now, though you’re probably very tired and wishing the night feeds would end. Try to go back to bed when your baby sleeps during the day, even it means getting a friend or relative to look after an older child. Feeding, nappy changing, and bathing have all become second nature, but they still take up most of your day. One positive change is that your baby seems to appreciate your efforts more and rewards you with beaming smiles.

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