6week Old

6week Old

How your baby’s growing

By now roughly half of all babies recognise their parents and openly prefer their mum and dad to strangers. Your baby may actually smile when she sees you and coo and kick with pleasure.

In general, she’s become more sensitive to her surroundings. If you ring a bell, she’ll respond in some way, by starting, crying, or even quietening down. She’s beginning to take a real interest in music, whether it’s you singing to her or the radio playing. And she notices things more acutely – staring intently at a soft toy placed in front of her, for instance. For parents, it’s a gratifying experience, especially coming as it does after weeks of nappy changing, feeding, bathing, kissing and cuddling with little response.

How your life’s changing

The initial rush of adrenalin that carried you through the first few weeks has probably worn off by now and your life may seem like an endless chain of nappy changes, feeds, and soothing sessions. But deliverance from the chaotic nature of these days is ahead. Your baby may have started napping at roughly the same time every day and even if she hasn’t, it’s only a matter of weeks before a pattern emerges.

You’re likely to have your postnatal check-up with your doctor around now. One of the subjects that’s likely to be discussed is contraception. But are you ready to have sex again if you haven’t made love yet? Or maybe you’re ready, but your partner isn’t. You’re not the only one wondering whether it’ll ever be the same. Chat about sex and romance after baby with friends who’ve been there and talk to your partner to discuss your changing relationship as new parents.

Parent tip: Line up childcare

“Try to arrange a break once or twice a week so you can spend some time with your spouse. The point is to give yourself time apart from your baby. It’ll help you appreciate him more.” – Shilpi.

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