5week old

5week old

How your baby’s growing

That smile lighting up your baby’s face – and your own – may be the real thing. You can tell it’s a social smile if he uses his entire face to tell you he’s pleased. Though babies will smile only when they’re ready, you can get yours there faster by cuddling, tickling, and playing with him.

By this time your baby can focus both eyes on an object and has begun to prefer more complex designs, colours, and shapes. He can track movement, which means that a simple rattle passed in front of his face can transfix him. Or you can play eyes-to-eyes – move very close to his face and slowly nod your head from side to side. He’ll follow you raptly, and you may even get another smile, or chuckle, out of him.

How your life’s changing

Although you’re constantly on the go, you might start to feel a bit stuck at home, especially if you’re under confinement or maybe just too busy to get out. Try to sniff the air at least once a day and think about joining a postnatal exercise class or babies group. You can compare notes with other parents and may pick up some useful tips.

If you have other children, the novelty of having a new brother or sister may wear off soon. Perhaps they’ll ask you to send the baby back or demand attention when you’re feeding. See if your partner, mum or a friend will sit with your newborn for a while so you can take your ‘big baby’ out alone and reassure him that you love him as much as ever. And try to be patient if your two-or three-year-old seems to have regressed to babyhood. It won’t last long and he’ll soon give up when he discovers how limiting being a baby can be.

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