46weeks old

46weeks old

11-Month-Second Week

How your baby’s growing

Your baby probably enjoys looking at books and leafing through the pages, though she won’t always turn them one by one. Indulge in great picture books, or stick with sturdy board books that can stand up to small fingers.

To add variety to your baby’s reading time and to find out what appeals to her the most, try your local library or the children’s section at a family-friendly book shop.

How your life’s changing

It hardly seems possible, but the big day is drawing near. A forewarning: your baby will be pretty oblivious to the whole affair, whatever you do and no matter how elaborately you plan. Remember, though, that too much excitement may overwhelm her.
Still, you can’t deny a mum or dad who wants to celebrate. Here are some ideas:

Party at home. Keep the celebration nice and simple by hosting it in your own home or garden. Your baby will be comfortable there, and it’s easier to organise the decorations and food. Invite a few familiar children.

Make it a family affair. Plan a lunch or dinner out with relatives. Your baby will enjoy seeing all the happy, familiar faces, and if you take lots of pictures, she’ll have permanent reminders of everyone who loves her.

Take it outside. choose a popular restaurant or party venue with a park or playground and have a special celebration for family and friends.

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