43weeks old

43weeks old

10-Month-Third Week

How your baby’s growing

Your baby may walk while gripping your hand, and he’ll hold out his arm or leg to help you dress him. At mealtimes, he may be able to grip a cup and drink from it independently (though some children may not do this for a few more months) and hand-feed himself an entire meal.

Once your baby’s able to drink from a cup by himself, you may need to start ducking, because he’s just as likely to toss it when he’s finished as to put it down gently.

How your life’s changing

Nobody functions well when they’re short on shut-eye. Here are some tried-and tested tactics for those moments when your lack of sleep catches up with you:

  • Get out in the fresh air. A brisk walk to the park can do wonders.
  • Even better, take your baby swimming. It will refresh you and tire your little one out so you may get a better night’s sleep.
  •  Drink plenty of water – dehydration can make tiredness worse.
  •  Take a power nap. A 15 minute snooze while your baby naps, or in your lunch hour if you are back at work, can help you get through the afternoon.

Parent tip: consistent routine

“I think having a consistent routine from birth is a really good way of keeping your baby happy and feeling secure. My baby daughter goes to bed at 8pm every night and knows no different, so she is very well-behaved about bedtime!” — Sara

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