40weeks old

40weeks old

9-Month-Fourth Week

How your baby’s growing

Your baby’s personality is really emerging now. She may be very social, granting broad smiles to everyone she meets, or a little more shy, hiding her face when well-meaning strangers try to engage her. Your baby may charge ahead boldly or assess the situation carefully before accepting others. She might be even tempered or switch her moods quite dramatically.

She’ll gesture for your attention and may even wave goodbye when she sees you head for the door. She’s also developing a mind of her own, which you may run up against when you try to put her in her car seat or buggy.

How your life’s changing

You don’t need to make big plans to lift your spirit and feel refreshed. Here are some ideas for little things you can do to revive your energy and enthusiasm:

  • Choose a style of yoga that suits your personality and practice a yoga pose. These exercises can be easy and you can fit them in at a moment’s notice. Remember to breathe deeply. If yoga’s not for you, simply take 10 minutes to stretch.
  • Have a bath. Light some candles, play some music, and treat yourself to a sumptuous soak.
  •  Escape through reading. Spending time with a good book or magazine story can be a great distraction and help keep your intellect stimulated as well. Finishing a book (even a few pages at a time) can also make you feel like you’ve accomplished something for yourself.
  •  Get a makeover – if only a mini one. Treat yourself to a salon manicure, pedicure or haircut.
  •  Shop online. Even if you don’t buy, “window shopping” is diverting and fun.
  • And if you are missing adult conversation, why not chat with other mums on our bulletin boards

Quick tip: Baby food for older babies

“I wanted to make my nine-month-old’s rice cereal more substantial. So I used my cheese grater (large-hole side) and grated a banana. This made the banana pieces small enough so my son wouldn’t choke but still gave the cereal texture.” — Tara

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