39weeks old

39weeks old

9-Month-Third Week

How your baby’s growing

The torrent of words your baby has been hearing since birth is beginning to work its magic, although his understanding of words far outpaces his ability to use them. His babbling has turned to jabber and is probably starting to sound more like real words, phrases and sentences. Your baby thinks he’s saying something, so respond as if he really is!

Your baby still comprehends more from your tone than from your actual words, though. He can understand when he’s pleased you, so offer specific praise, such as, “You’re a clever boy picking up the rattle”. The more you talk to your baby – while preparing dinner, driving or getting dressed – the more he learns about communication. Find out more fascinating facts about your nine-month-old’s development.

How your life’s changing

When you get to the point that the mess in your home is causing you stress, keep three little invaluable words in mind: lower your standards. It’s hard to keep up with the cleaning, laundry and organisation the way you did pre-baby, especially once your little one is able to move about and scatter toys all day long.

To clear up some of the clutter and make yourself feel better, consider focusing on specific, attainable goals. Take care of necessities first and then move on to organizing your home in ways that will make your daily life easier – such as organizing your baby’s nappy supplies or keeping toys in one place. Consider hiring full time or part-time help. Then make a plan of action – with your spouse – to keep future messes to a minimum.

It also helps to talk about your frustrations with other parents. They will most probably sympathies and may be able to share helpful hints.

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