38weeks old

38weeks old

9-Month-Second Week

How your baby’s growing

By this week, your baby will start to remember more specific information, such as where her toys are in your home. She’ll also be able to imitate actions she’s seen as long as a week before.

These skills indicate that she has recall memory – the ability to remember some details of a specific experience for a short time – though she still doesn’t remember most of her experiences. Long-lasting conscious memory of specific events won’t develop until your baby’s second or third year, when real language emerges.

How your life’s changing

Everyone has a slightly different style and set of priorities when it comes to raising their children. Still, it can sometimes be hard to hold your tongue when you see a parent you know doing something you wouldn’t.

Remember that parenting methods are very personal and what works for you may not work for your friend. Also think about how you feel when you’re criticized by strangers urging you to put a hat on your baby, or relatives who disagree with your approach to sleep or feeding routines. Ask yourself whether the thing that irritates you is worth even making an issue of. Often there is no “right answer”, but rather solutions that work best in particular situations.

Sometimes the best course is to agree to disagree. Try to avoid discussing the controversial topics and focus instead on the common interests that made you friends in the first place. On the other hand, if that friend’s approach affects your baby (because she or her child treats yours in a way that worries you – for example, her baby hits or bites repeatedly and she ignores the behaviour), then you should talk about it. The same goes for if you feel she’s doing something that endangers her baby – she may not have the same information that you do and may be unaware of the risks. Be honest and specific about your concern. At the same time, try to emphasise that you are making it an issue because you want to stay good friends. If she’s unresponsive, you’ll have to decide to do what’s best for you and your baby.

Quick tip: Childproofing made easy

“Here’s a cheap and easy way to protect your baby’s head when he’s upright: Take some cotton wool and fit it over the sharp corners of tables, beds and furniture. Use brown tape to keep the cotton cushioning in place ” — Tina

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