36weeks old

36weeks old

8-Month-Fourth Week (36weeks)

How your baby’s growing

Once your baby starts standing and cruising (moving around upright while holding onto furniture), you may wonder if shoes are necessary. Until your baby is walking around outdoors regularly, most pediatricians and developmental experts don’t think so. It’s normal for your baby to walk a little bowlegged or with her feet turned out, and her feet may look flat. Going barefoot can help strengthen your baby’s arches and leg muscles, and feeling the textures of what she’s walking on can help her balance.

How your life’s changing

Moving your body actually provides energy, rather than sapping it. The trick is to choose exercise that fits your schedule.

Go outside. Try going for a walk, or even a jog, during the time you spend with your baby. Consider a jogging buggy or one with all-terrain wheels. While you get exercise, you’ll also be stimulating your baby’s senses and helping his development.

Join an exercise class with your baby. Some health clubs and yoga or Pilates studios offer classes for parents with babies. Others supply childcare for infants.

Make an “exercise studio” at home. Look into home exercise equipment or DVDs that you can use while your baby is napping or otherwise occupied.

Play with your baby. Dance around the room together – your baby will enjoy the sensation.

Resist shortcuts. Park further away from your destinations than usual so you have to walk more. If you’re out and about without your baby, use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator.

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