35weeks old

35weeks old

8-Month-Third Week (35weeks)

How your baby’s growing

Your baby’s vision – previously about 20/40 at best – is now almost adult-like in its clarity and depth perception. Though your baby’s short-range sight is still best, his long-range vision is good enough to recognize people and objects across a room. He may see a toy on the other side of the room and try to crawl toward it. His eyes are also probably close to their final color, though you may see subtle changes later.

How your life’s changing

Once your baby is mobile, keeping up with him can be exhausting. A self-enforced breather when you’re feeling frustrated can help you stay on an even keel.

Put your baby in a playpen or travel cot for short periods of time when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This is also a good idea if persistent, unexplained crying in a healthy baby is getting to you – your baby will be safe while you calm down. If he’s crying at night, compose yourself for a few minutes before going in to see what the matter is. Taking a few deep breaths or counting to ten before responding to a mishap are other ways you can maintain equilibrium on bad days. Also borrow a page from the newborn days: once in a while, sleep when your baby sleeps. And, of course, call on your husband to take over – not just when the going gets tough, but at regular intervals.

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