29weeks old

29weeks old

7-Month-Old, First Week

How your baby’s growing

It’s happening already…your baby is showing the first signs of independence. Soon he’ll be able to sit well without support and may even begin crawling (or bottom shuffling). With this new independence come the inevitable bumps and falls of childhood. No matter how carefully you childproof, he’s bound to bang his elbows or knees someday, so don’t get too upset when it happens.

On the emotional front, your baby’s feelings are becoming more apparent. He may blow a kiss to familiar people and repeat an act if applauded. As he continues to grow, he’ll learn to assess and imitate moods, becoming more empathetic.

How your life’s changing

If you took extended maternity leave you’ll be going back to work about now. You’re probably feeling torn if you’ve enjoyed being at home and could be feeling guilty if you didn’t, so it’s worth finding sources of support. See if your office has a working parents’ group – or try setting one up!

If you’re at home, you may miss the company work gives. But unless you live in a truly isolated area, befriending other new parents is easier than you might think. Making new friends is a lot like dating (remember that?), so don’t be shy – most new mums will be just as eager to make contact as you are.
You could talk to other working mums in our community to see how they are managing.

  • Being a working parent
  • Finding a carer you can trust
  •  Relative care pros and cons
  •  Choosing a day care centre vs household help

Parent tip: Saying goodnight

“At night we walk our seven-month-old around the house and say goodnight to all the different items. This not only settles her down, but also helps her language development.” – Juhi

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