You are now 17 weeks pregnant (or in your 18th week if that’s how you prefer to count it).

How your baby’s growing

Things are really moving now. This week, your baby’s eyes look forward instead of to the sides, her ears are almost in their final place, and the rubbery cartilage that will become her skeleton is about to start hardening into bone. Read more information on your baby’s development this week

How your life’s changing

First time moms often start to feel their baby’s movements around now. Many women report that the first sensations are fluttery or like butterflies in the stomach. Unfortunately, your partner won’t be able to share in your excitement just yet — real-kicking doesn’t usually start for a month or so.

As your body gently expands, you may feel less than glamorous. Take some time to feel good about your changing body in the coming weeks. Even if you don’t feel attractive your partner probably still finds you a turn on — some men find the roundness that pregnancy gives to women’s figures very appealing. It’s quite safe to have sex right up until your water breaks, provided there is no medical reason not to, such as bleeding. Some women find that their libido increases during pregnancy while others go off making love — it’s quite normal either way.

Pregnancy Tip: An Alternative Way to Treat Hemorrhoids

“I had hemorrhoids in my last pregnancy so I wasn’t surprised when they appeared again. This time a friend suggested taking vitamin E capsules and I’m sure they’ve helped.” — Diane

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