17Weeks old

17Weeks old

4-Month-Old, First Week (17Weeks old)

How your baby’s growing

This month you may be thinking about giving your baby her first taste of solids. However, most experts say it’s still too early for your baby to be taking in anything other than breastmilk or supplement feeds. The Ministry of Health recommends that solid foods should not be introduced before six months of age. Read our article on when to introduce solids for more information.

You may have mixed feelings about how fast your baby’s changing. She may be strong enough to sit on her own for a moment or two now. (Stick close by though, to catch her if she starts to fall.) Many researchers believe four-month-olds understand all the basic sounds that make up their native language. She may develop the ability to say “ma-ma” and “da-da” this month, but she won’t yet connect them with you and your spouse.

How your life’s changing

Your baby is showing more and more of her personality every day, which is great fun to watch. She responds to you with her whole face and body so communication is always rewarding. Keep it going by imitating your baby’s actions and sounds. She’ll love this and feel as though she’s getting through to you.

Parent tip: Freezing breast milk

“After expressing, I put breast milk in plastic feeding bottles and store in the freezer. I can keep it for three days, it thaws quickly, and it’s easy to add the extra feed on hungry days.” – Leena

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