16Weeks old

16Weeks old

3-Month-Fourth Week (16Weeks)

How your baby’s growing

When you place her on her stomach, your baby will lift her head and shoulders high, using her arms for support. This mini push-up helps strengthen her muscles and gives her a better view of what’s going on. She may even amaze you (and herself!) by rolling from her back to her front, or vice versa. You can encourage this skill through play. Wiggle a toy next to the side she customarily rolls to in case she’s interested enough to try again. Applaud her efforts and smile. She may need your reassurance since her new skill can be frightening.

How your life’s changing

If you’re the primary carer, it may feel like a reflex by now to step in whenever your baby starts crying. But it’s a good idea to give your husband the chance to be the soother, too. Not only will this give you a break but his confidence will grow and will help them to bond.

There are plenty of methods you can encourage your husband to use, but it’s also important to leave him room to experiment and learn on his own.

Remind your spouse to assess your baby’s needs (nappy changing, feeding, burping) and to fulfil those first. If crying continues, he can try to soothe the baby by holding her close, rubbing her back or giving her a baby massage.

Many babies are comforted by gentle, rhythmic motion, which helps a parent feel like he’s doing something. Dancing, rocking or swinging the baby may do the trick.

Distraction is another popular method. He can try to entertain her with silly stunts, singing and funny sounds and expressions.

Parent tip: time off

“My husband and I take it in turns to have a “lie-in” at the weekend – he gets up late on Saturday morning and I get up on Sunday. This means we both get the chance to spend time with our daughter on our own when she is at her most fun and active – first thing in the morning! Also the extra sleep one day a week is a huge luxury.” — Kavitha

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