13Weeks old

13Weeks old

3-Month-First Week (13 Weeks old)

How your baby’s growing

Is your baby strong enough to hold up his head now to see what’s going on? Better joint flexibility allows many three-month-olds to wave and kick more forcefully and to open their fingers and bring their hands together.

He may also stop needing a night feed around now, giving you a chance to rediscover sleep. It won’t always happen though, and some babies remain fickle sleepers. If he’s really unsettled, you can be referred to special sleep or crying clinic – ask your doctor if you’re at your wits’ end.

Chances are your little charmer is still bestowing smiles on everyone he meets this month, but he’s getting choosier about the company he keeps. In large groups or with people he doesn’t know very well, he may need some time to adapt.

The temporal lobe in your baby’s brain, which handles hearing, language, and smell, is bustling with activity now. Make the most of it by talking to your baby, playing music, and reading out loud. Find out more fascinating facts about your three-month-old’s development

How your life’s changing

If you’re going back to work soon, you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions. Guilt, excitement about returning to work, fatigue, fear, and worry are just some of the feelings that might be churning around inside you. Find out more about life as a working parent?

Do you feel anxious and moody a lot but dismiss it as new-mum nerves? Has your spouse or a friend wondered if your “baby blues” may be more serious as the weeks have gone on? Don’t let embarrassment or pride stop you from seeing your doctor. It’s generally thought that around 10 per cent of new mothers suffer from postnatal depression. It’s a real and treatable illness.

Dads may be feeling more connected to their baby now that he’s older and more interactive. To help strengthen this growing closeness, he could try bathing or reading to her regularly.

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