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Milestones for 5-Year-Old Topic Overview Children usually progress in a natural, predictable sequence from one developmental milestone to the next. But [...]


4-year-old developmental milestones Social skills for 4-year-olds shows more independence — able to brush his teeth and get dressed by himself demanding but [...]


Developing understanding Be careful about your adult talk around your toddler. Their understanding of words is beyond their understanding of [...]


Toddlers (1-2 years of age) Developmental Milestones Skills such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving [...]


"Life’s super exciting for a one-year-old as they start saying their first words and taking those first steps." Because proud parents [...]

48weeks old

11-Month-Fourth Week How your baby's growing If your baby isn't walking already, she's likely to take her first independent steps soon. [...]

47weeks old

11-Month-Third Week How your baby's growing Because he's receptive now, it's a good time to begin to teach your baby how [...]

46weeks old

11-Month-Second Week How your baby's growing Your baby probably enjoys looking at books and leafing through the pages, though she won't [...]

45weeks old

11-Month-First Week How your baby's growing Ask for a kiss and your little one could understand what you're saying. Babies this [...]

44weeks old

10-Month-Fourth Week How your baby's growing Your baby now understands simple instructions, though she may purposely choose to ignore you when [...]

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