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Infant & Toddler Development

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Healthy hygiene tips for the toddler years

As your baby continues to grow and develop there are so many exciting firsts to look forward to: the first tooth, the first time they crawl, first steps and first words. With all of these changes come important changes to your hygiene routine to keep your little one healthy – and we are here to help!


Learn about how to spot the signs of teething and how brushing and good

hand hygiene can help keep healthy your baby’s gums and first teeth.


Toddlers guide to Hand washing

Hand washing is a simple but powerful way that can help you or your child stay healthy. Establishing healthy hand washing habits in childhood is key to helping not only your little one, but your…


Potty Training and Hygiene

Learn to recognise the signs that say your child is ready to progress to the potty and how simple hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting can keep you and your child safe from bacteria and germs.

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Healthy & Hygienic Feeding

We all know that getting the right nutrition is key to baby and toddler development but so is having a hygienic feeding routine to keep nasty bugs at bay.

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Safe play

Follow our baby & toddler proofing tips for your home, and hygiene advice so they can play and explore safely.

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Starting school, day care or nursery

Getting your little one ready for pre-school is a big step, follow our tips for battling those back to school bugs and keep them and their play-mates healthy.

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Toddler development (Your toddler’s development month by month)

“More Toddler development”

Physical development

“How to encourage your toddler’s physical development”

These practical play ideas will help keep your active toddler occupied while boosting her developing physical skills. Best of all, they can easily be fitted into your daily routine.

Speech and language

“Helping your toddler to talk”

The more you chat to your toddler, the more opportunities she is likely to have to learn how to talk. However, all children are different and learn to talk at different rates

  • Developmental milestones: writing
  • Developmental milestones: Talking
  • Is it too soon to teach my toddler the alphabet?

Raising a bilingual child

“The importance of reading to your bilingual child”
  • Regardless of which languages your child is learning, reading to her is fundamental. It helps build the foundation for language and literacy development early on.
  • Is it true that children in bilingual families start talking later?
  • Raising a bilingual child when you don’t speak the second language
  • Fun, music, and games to play with your bilingual child
  • What to do when your family is against your child being raised bilingual

Developmental delays and concerns

Most children are walking well by 15 months, so you have reason for concern if your child hasn’t taken his first steps beyond that age.

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