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You are now 34 weeks pregnant (or in your 35th week if that’s how you prefer to count it).

How your baby’s growing

If you’ve been worried about going into labour early, you’ll be happy to know that the vast majority of babies delivered at 35 weeks are born healthy and survive without any major problems. Your baby’s lungs should be fully developed by now and any breathing problems can be easily treated. Read more information on your baby’s development this week

How your life’s changing

You may start to notice a tingling sensation or numbness in your pelvis — it’s just the pressure of the baby on the nerves. As this may not subside until your baby’s born, it’s worth trying therelaxation techniques, positions and massage you learned in your prenatal classes to help you cope with the discomfort. If it’s very uncomfortable, mention it to your midwife or doctor.

Planning ahead

The big day is only a month away. If you’re having your baby in hospital and haven’t looked around already, it’s worth calling to arrange a tour. It will help you get to know your hospital and the admission procedures in early labour. Why not find out about how your baby will be monitored in labour and the unit’s policy on eating and drinking during labour while you’re there.

Does your partner know what to bring to the hospital? Besides toiletries and a change of clothes, your partner may also want to bring something to read, a camera and even a camcorder. You can take a copy of our printable checklist to make sure you’re both ready to go. Is he getting nervous? If so, he can get advice from veteran dads on how to stay calm — and be a perfect labour partner.

Pregnancy Tip: Slide your way to sleep

“In late pregnancy, turning over in bed can be a nightmare. The solution? Big satin pyjamas — the slipperiness of satin helps tremendously!”– Anonymous

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