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You are now 24 weeks pregnant (or in your 25th week if that’s how you prefer to count it).

How your baby’s growing

Your baby’s growing steadily, gaining about 99g/22oz since last week. His skin is thin and fragile but his body is filling out and taking up more room in your uterus. He may also be developing a weakness for sweets. Taste buds are now forming, and, believe it or not, acquiring a sweet tooth is all part of it. The other big milestone your baby reaches at this stage of pregnancy is that she may now survive, with special care, if she is born prematurely — otherwise known as becoming ‘viable’. Read more information on your baby’s development this week

How your life’s changing

You may notice faint red streaks, otherwise known as striae, or stretch marks on your tummy, hips, buttocks and breasts. Lots of women have very itchy skin as well — pregnancy hormones can make your skin drier and stretching over a growing belly doesn’t help. Rubbing on creams may make you feel more comfortable and help soothe the itching but it won’t get rid of stretch marks and is unlikely to prevent them. Stretch marks are typical at this stage of pregnancy and will fade to silvery white marks after you give birth.

You may also find that your eyes are more sensitive to light, feeling gritty and dry — a perfectly normal pregnancy symptom. To ease your discomfort, you can use an artificial tears solution to add moisture, available from pharmacies. For other pregnancy annoyances such as headaches, cramps or lower back pain, try our suggestions for natural remedies.

Pregnancy Tip: Relief for finger pain

“To relieve finger pain and numbness, I keep a bag of ice in the freezer. I apply it to my hands and wrists several times a day.” — Julie

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