Medical Specialist Center for Women is committed to deliver the highest standard.
Medical Specialist Center for Women is committed to
deliver the highest standard of excellent care.
Specialist Center for Women.
Sincere Women Health
To Be The Prefered Choice For Healing and Good Health
Good Health always First.
Health Service

Baby Growth & Development

Every day Moments Become Sensory Experiences, Nurturing Healthy Baby Development
Your baby gets bigger and stronger every week

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    Magical moments

    Magical moments in baby development: Most babies sit between four and seven months but it all starts with head control. Find out how your baby will build the strength and balance to sit up unsupported.

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    Physical development

    Crawling is probably the first way your baby will get moving Crawling helps your baby strengthen her muscles enough to walk and is her first way of getting around efficiently on her own.

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    Baby’s senses

    Everyday activities such as playtime, nappy changing and feeding are a great opportunity to develop your baby’s sense of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste..

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    Baby Listening

    Your baby lives in a world made up of voices. He heard before he was born. Babies get excited by lively, higher-pitched voices and are soothed by lower, quieter ones.

Women and Child Health

The Specially designated Women and Child Care Center, provides the utmost care for this important
segment of the society.


   ⊕   Parental leave and EI

   ⊕   Fever

   ⊕   teething and tantrums Health and safety

   ⊕   Baby Calender And Sedule Nutrion Food

   ⊕   Games And Sleep basics
   ⊕   Hand, foot, and mouth disease
   ⊕   Your baby month-by-month

   ⊕   Health

   ⊕   Safety

   ⊕   Sleep basics  
   ⊕   Scarlet Fever
   ⊕   Newborn Care

   ⊕   Baby development

   ⊕   First foods

   ⊕   Daily care
   ⊕   Baby calendar


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